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VISA Procedures


The foreign nationals who will come to Turkey should have passports which should be valid for 6 months longer than the expiration dates of their visas. The visas are obtained from Consulates or Embassies. If, the person has a valid visa, he/she does not have to get a residence permit for 90 days. Regardless of the visa status, the persons who desires to reside, work or study in Turkey have to get them registered by visiting the security offices after they come to Turkey. The ones who comes only for tourism or commercial purposes, can visit www.evisa.gov.tr and fill in the requested information and then they can get their e-Visas by making their online payment (after their application is approved). 

Procedures for Student Visa 

The Foreign Students willing to come to Turkey for studying, should apply the Turkish Consulates of their city with their acceptance certificates issued by the Turkish Learning Centers or Universities accredited by the Ministry of National Education before they come and they should enter Turkey with the student visa to be issued by the concerned Consulate. 

The students willing to apply our course can contact our offices and have their pre-registration done by sending us the page of their valid passport with their photo by mail or fax. Our course will send the visa and acceptance certificates required for student visa application to the students. The students who come to Turkey by getting their student visa can apply for residence certificates from the security office after they have their course registration done, determine the address where they will stay and complete their insurance processes. 

Residence Certificate Procedures

After, they enter Turkey; the foreign students have to apply the foreign nationals’ branch of the provincial directorate of security maximum in 30 days in accordance with “the 5683 numbered Law on Residence and Travels of Foreign Nationals”. If, the residence permit expires, the application for renewal should be made within 15 days or before its expiration. In case of a residence address change, this issue should be notified within 48 hours to the concerned security offices, in case of a marital status change, this issue should be notified within 15 days to the concerned security offices, if the residence permit is lost/damaged it should be immediately notified to the concerned security offices. After, the foreign nationals complete their education, they can get additional 6 (six) months of residence permit for once if they desire to make their return preparations, have their vacations in Turkey or continue their relations around the school for a while.

Within this term, our consultants help our students in any issue. For detailed information, please contact the Offices of ICL Collage of Languages…