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Choosing Turkey For Education

Turkey, which is a blend of modern and ancient cultures, is a country with an extremely important strategic position at the intersection of East and West because Turkey is surrounded by the sea and has a strategic crossing point.

Since its establishment in 1923, Turkish republic has had very good relation with Western countries and has adopted a liberal economic system, therefore, has become a rapidly advancing and developing world economy.

Different ethnic groups live together in Turkey which is one of the safest countries in the region and provides higher education for foreign students.

Although English and Turkish are the education languages of the universities, accepted candidates are expected to take language lessons in preparation school before transitioning to university departments.

 Language education is provided for each accepted candidate and after the preparatory classes, there is a transition to university departments.

Advantages of University Education in Turkey

Turkey is an ideal country for many students who want to study undergraduates and postgraduates with its universities, successful academicians and advanced laboratory facilities.

Advantages of Turkish universities to foreign students ;

  • Diploma programs with international validity. (Diploma Supplement)
  • Student – oriented, modern and equipped campuses.
  • Economic and safe education.
  • Turkish hospitality and friendly relations.
  • Universities in Turkey, student exchange programs are implemented. (Erasmus+ Leonardo da Vinci Program)
  • Scholarship opportunities for foreign students