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About Us

ICL, International College of Languages, was founded in 2017 by ILSAYNER Educational Services Ltd when the co-founders first made up their mind to establish an outstanding Language school and Teacher Training Center in Ankara, Turkey in order to make a difference in the quality of Language Education in the competitive Turkish Education Market. Trusting their academic staff with years of rich experience in Language Education and management skills along with the affiliations to LTTC (London Teacher Training College), IDP Australia, British Council, and SLE (The Societas Linguistica Europaea); ICL began to provide Teacher Training, IELTS & TOEFL Exam-preparation, and General English courses to Turkish and foreign students in Ankara.

Later on, the education team expanded in size, leading to a wider variety of courses; including “Certificate in Teaching IELTS” short course, “Certificate in Teaching TOEFL” short course (having been conducted in Turkey for the first time by ICL-LTTC), and “Diploma in Montessori Method” course (having been conducted in Turkey for the first time by ICL-LTTC).

Presently, ICL is actively playing a leading role in Turkey as a well-recognized TESOL Center, a popular SAT / YÖS exam preparation center, and a professional Language Center.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality educational services that:

  • Students and Teacher-Trainees recommend to their peers
  • Our Teachers and Trainers prefer for their students / Trainees
  • Parents select for their children
  • Large company bosses select for their staff
  • Students / Teacher-Trainees are proud of
  • And investors seek long-term returns.

Company Vision

To be the fastest-growing, most rewarding and most effective educational leadership community both locally and internationally.

Our Services

Our professional education team aim to provide quality courses for students of English and other foreign languages, as well as for candidates of International examinations in Turkey and all around the globe. Besides, our well-experiences and highly-educated Teacher Training team proudly present unique services; such as Professional Development Programs and Education Consultancy Services to language schools, education organizations, and universities worldwide.

Taking advantage of our high-tech audio-video tool for online courses and webinars worldwide, we would be also able to offer our Corporate Training Courses in form of online individual/group General English and Business English courses to all companies and organizations for really competitive fees and flexible schedules, fitting all employees’ timing and language competence.